Regenerate the world.
Be mirlo

Regenerate the world.
Be mirlo

Regenerate the world.
Be mirlo

Regenerate the world.
Be mirlo

Regenerate the world.
Be mirlo

We are a collaborative hub for originating, testing and developing regenerative forest landscape based business models.

The answer lies in the roots

Over the next 10 years we need to get trillions of dollars out of normal asset classes and shift the investment status quo into nature-based solutions and into regenerative businesses.

We need to transition towards a climate-balanced and nature positive economy powered by and in harmony with nature. Forests, forestry and forest-based solutions are central for communities to benefit from such a transition. Those pioneers and community-based entrepreneurs will need help. That’s where we come in!

Restorative is radical. Regenerative is revolutionary

We aim to design, develop, promote and celebrate new business models that move the dial towards creating a restoration-based economy that will replace a degradation-based one; not just repairing past ills but growing the future!

How can we help?

Boost natural abundance

We need a constant pipeline of new nature-based ventures that are built on business models that will define themselves by their purpose and drive incessantly towards positive impact and scalable climate solutions.

We contribute our knowledge and experience to promote regenerative businesses based on forests and with multiple benefits: for developers, local communities, biodiversity and the global climate.

Our experience so far

Our contribution is rooted in our experience.


We have been instrumental in the design, direction and deployment of over 100 million € of support and investment into forest-based solutions.


We have designed, managed or developed more than 100 projects that have improved, created or benefited forests.


Our international professional background allows us to have a global perspective.


Our team has more than half a century of experience in the forestry sector.


Jamie Micah Lawrence

Co-Founder – Head of Business Development

Jamie is a senior forest solutions expert & entrepreneur working internationally, having delivered projects for: Rainforest Alliance, Kingfisher Group, FSC Int, Rewilding Europe, The Nature Conservancy, Brainforest Assoc., Good Energies Foundation, Greenpeace Sp., The Forest Trust, WeForest, Efeca, Genea Consultores, L’Office National des Forêts I (ONFI), WWF MedPO.

Yeray Martínez Montesdeoca

Co-Founder – CEO

Yeray is a forestry consultant with extensive experience in the various fields of sustainable forest management (planning, operations, wildfire prevention, restoration, certification, carbon, etc). He has managed more than 75 projects with an investment value of more than 100 million euros.

Alicia Perera Alberto

Regenerative Business Development Officer

Alicia is an ecosystem restorer with international experience (UK, Peru, Iceland, and Spain) in soil conservation and regreening projects. She has also experience in green infrastructure and ecological connectivity in Spain, as well as, developing proposals focused on maximizing the water cycle and on integrated landscape management, where conserving and restoring ecosystems are key elements in governance and alliances.

Joao Salgueiro

Regenerative Business Advisor

João Salgueiro has dedicated most of his career to development cooperation, humanitarian aid and conservation. Recently Joao has been involved in different wildlife economies projects where economic viability, social impact, and biodiversity enhancement have been crucial. At home, he manages an agroforestry business in the centre of Portugal.

Lucía Rodríguez Corral

Co-Founder – Copywriter

Lucía has been translating since 1999 and has extensive experience in communication and proofreading. She takes care of everything to do with communication, something we consider very important to achieve our goals.

Jesús de la Plaza

Co-Founder – Web Developer

Jesús is a web designer and programmer with more than 20 years experience. He is responsible for IT advice, the graphic side of things, brand development and our website.




Xilva is a Global Digital Marketplace for forestry projects, a venture incubated within the Brainforest Association.


We prepare business models aligned with the principles of rewilding and leave them in optimal conditions for investment, through Rewilding Europe.


We have advised private landowners on conservation, reforestation, ecological restoration and rewilding interventions within a land-based business model (UK, Spain & Portugal to-date)


We have successfully designed and executed two crowdfunding campaigns to finance forest restoration projects.


If you are interested in our business models, are looking for forest-positive impact, or need support to develop regenerative business models and projects – let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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