Your mirlo footprint, ready to keep growing

8 May 2015
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8 May 2015, Comments: 0

If you lean out the window and take a good, deep breath, perhaps you’ll be able to catch a drift of a fresh breeze wafting in from the Orotava Valley. What you can smell are our trees, growing ever bigger in the warmth of the sun.

It’s taken more than two years but we can now announce that Mirlo’s first forest is now ready to make our positive footprint grow.

We collected the seeds, we let them germinate, we sowed them and we left them to grow in the nursery. Then we planted them on the Orotava mountain, we watched them take root, and when a full year had gone by, we replaced any of them that hadn’t made it through the summer. And now, after all that and in line with our agreement with the Cabildo of Tenerife, we can now say that our work is over.

Everything has gone well. The success rate of this initial year, together with the reinforcement we carried out in the autumn, will ensure that this zone will remain covered by a forest of pine, faya, cedar and tree lucerne. Our story together for the next 180 years is now a reality.

If you were one of our pioneer mirlos, you will soon receive an email with your final certificate.

Our dream of living and leaving a positive footprint on the world is still alive. Thanks for making it possible.

Change your world. #Bemirlo.

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