We’re looking for 10,000 mirlos: but what’s all this about 29 hectares?

6 September 2013
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6 September 2013, Comments: 0

Is it a bird…? Yes! It’s Mirlo! As you know, we’re in the middle of our new campaign to find 10,000 mirlos and right from the beginning we’ve been talking about our plans to plant 29 hectares this year. We didn’t just come upon this number by chance – there are reasons for our having decided upon an area this size. But first of all, what exactly is a hectare? Well, one hectare is defined as 10,000 square metres (100 m by 100 m), so 29 hectares is 290,000 square metres or just over 71 acres of land no less!

After lengthy discussions with the local Government in Tenerife, the “Cabildo”, we’ve managed to get them to commit to these 29 hectares. It’s a first step forward, but there’s lots to be done. Let’s look at some numbers:

  • Estimates suggest that up to 90,000 hectares -more than 222,395 acres or 347 square miles – of the Canary Islands that were wiped out in the great deforestation  the islands suffered in days gone by, need restoring. Our 29 hectares are just a start.

  • Forests in the Canaries barely compensate 10% of the CO2 footprint that is generated in the islands. These 29 hectares are a way to start reducing this negative footprint gap and, above all, it’s all about making the pendulum start swinging in the opposite direction. By being a mirlo and telling others about it, you can share the message about the change that we need so much, about the way of life we believe in: “live and leave a positive footprint on the world”.

A revolutionary business model

29 hectares are also a size that allows us to function economically. In Mirlo we are intent on being a company with a revolutionary business model, a model that is all about leaving a positive footprint on the world. We are perfectly aware that to do so we need to be transparent and that the majority of the money we manage to bring in has to be used to generate that positive footprint. That’s why we have decided that 70% of whatever you contribute will be put to work straightaway on this project. That means that we have to make Mirlo work with the remaining 30% and that can only happen if we sell enough Positive Nature packs. With 29 hectares we can make the sums work out so that we can continue to develop the investment we’ve made to get Mirlo up and running.

We hope to increase our capacity and to make the collective positive footprint we want to leave grow and grow. We want to be stronger and we want to become stronger by working hand in hand with you: this is the path we have chosen, the path we believe in.

Today we’re talking about 29 hectares. Tomorrow, they’ll be so much more!

We’re counting on you to sow seeds! You can get all the information you need right here: mirlo.co/tenthousand

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