War On Plastic

26 September 2013
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26 September 2013, Comments: 0

A really excellent initiative from Lanzarote’s local “Cabildo” government caught our eye this week – the Lanzarote Office for the Biosphere Reserve has declared war on plastic! The fact is that the pollution of our coastline and the sea from tins, Tetra Bric packs and plastic bottles, bags and caps, has now reached crisis point. It is estimated that this sort of waste causes the death of millions of marine animals each year, animals that are unable to tell the difference between what is waste or plastic, and what is food.

The Lanzarote Cabildo, in an effort to make people aware of the risks inherent in this type of pollution, has set up a Facebook page – Agüita con el plástico. This page features content matter provided by the technical department of the Biosphere Reserve Office which is led by Councillor Juan Antonio de la Hoz, and material sent in by volunteers and people involved in the island’s environment. The page talks about this really serous problem which is causing the death of so many marine animals and points out that we have now reached a stage where there is more plastic in the sea than there is plankton. Estimates suggest that to date up to 6.4 million tons of plastic have been thrown into the sea, plastic waste which of course also affects the island of Lanzarote. You can see the official Agüita con el plástico video here.

Initiatives that create synergy

We’re really glad to see that there are other environmental awareness initiatives that have started up in these islands, the Canaries, which mean so much to Mirlo Positive Nature. We trust that all these awareness movements will lead us along the path to a better future, and to a healthy planet.

If you’re interested in the issue of plastic pollution, here are two links to a two-part programme from TV2’s “El escarabajo verde” that are entirely dedicated to the problem:



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