5 September 2013
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5 September 2013, Comments: 0

This week we’re all celebrating here in Mirlo because at last we’re launching a new campaign that we hope is going to bring lots of new mirlos winging in to join us! We’ve set ourselves the target of finding 10,000 new mirlos by October – hey, it’s ambitious but we’re certain that with your help we can do it!

This year we want to create a 29 hectare / 71 acre forest in La Orotava and if we’re going to do that then we need there to be 10,000 of us! And if we’re going to do things properly, then we need to start planting in October because that’s when the rains come and it’s the best time of year – and there’s not that much time left!

There’s strength in numbers!

As you know, Mirlo’s philosophy is based on the principle of collaboration. With small contributions from lots of people we can achieve great results. In all sorts of places all over the world people are getting together to change things and we want to be part of this current of collective intelligence.

In this campaign, we’re asking you to do three things:

1. Become a mirlo! You can contribute as much as you want and that way you can  transform the negative environmental footprint that you generate every day in your car, when you travel, when you use domestic appliances and so on, into a positive one!

2. Spread the word about this campaign in your social networks and among your friends so that the message gets out there and reaches as many people as possible.

3. Make a personal commitment and become a genuine superhero! We’re sure you must have three friends that you think have what it takes to be a mirlo, well do whatever you can to persuade them to join our chain and to take part in this campaign. Convince them that they should be part of this great band of mirlos – t he forest and the planet need you!

If you follow these three easy steps then three more mirlos will have joined the cause; by round two, we’ll be 13 more; round three, 40 mirlos; round four, 121…! And when we reach the eighth round there’ll be almost 10,000 of us and we’ll have reached the 330,000 Euros we need to plant 29 hectares this year. So come on – we have 43,500 plants waiting for us in the nursery!

Release the super hero inside you!

We like the look and feel of the old superhero comics and they seemed an ideal way to invite everybody to release the super powers they have inside them and to do their bit to save the planet. But although we’re using humour to get the message across, the actual message is totally serious: we believe in you and in your power to change the world.

So visit the campaign micro-site and take part. Transform your footprint, spread the word to three special people with super powers like yours, ask them to join our band of mirlos and ask them to select three more super heroes to keep the chain of positive transformation growing ever bigger.

We’re counting on you to sow seeds! You can get all the information you need right here: mirlo.co/tenthousand

With great power comes great responsibility!

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