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6 April 2013
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6 April 2013, Comments: 0

Today is a really special day because after months of hard work and preparations our new project has at last become a reality: Mirlo Positive Nature. Welcome therefore to this first post in what will be a regularly updated blog! We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you who all about us and what makes us tick.

We are a group of friends, with different backgrounds and training. One day we decided to join forces to break away from the all-pervasive atmosphere of frustration and dissatisfaction and to do something that was both optimistic and positive. We wanted to come up with a system that would let us really make things tangibly better, we wanted to provide people with the tools they need so that they can participate in and share our satisfaction.

How do we leave a positive footprint?

Our team includes Forest Engineers and people who specialise in woods and the environment and who run and oversee specific environmental projects aimed at making a positive impact on nature, improving habitats and alleviating ecological problems.

We are really committed to the local communities we work in, and that means that our positive impact goes one step further. We set up alliances with producers and local agents so that our activities are of benefit to them also and are seen as being something that is in everyone’s best interests.

We work with a model of abundance and reciprocity in which we are all winners, particularly our planet. We want our collaborators to take back their control over their future, we want them to recover their relationship with nature and we want them to feel that lots of small gestures can in fact make things better.

We need you.

We have decided to raise funds through micro-sponsorship or “crowdfunding”. If we can raise lots of small contributions from lots of people, we can gather together the capital we need for our projects. Various ways of participating are available, all designed to allow you to decide how and how much you want to be involved.

If you purchase a Natural Contribution Certificate you’ll be donating money which will be used to plant trees and to generate a positive footprint. You’ll become a “Mirlo Sponsor” and you’ll receive our Positive Nature certificate. This model is particularly ideal for people who prefer to contribute from the comfort of their own homes.

If you decide to buy one of our Positive Nature packs , as well as planting trees, you’ll be able to enjoy local experiences and products in the area where the project is taking place. And of course, you’ll become a “Mirlo Sponsor” and you’ll receive our Positive Nature certificate.

Our first project is taking place in the Canary Islands, more specifically in the Orotava Valley in Tenerife. Would you like to take part? In the years to come we’ll be spreading our wings elsewhere as well. If you have a project in mind then tell us about it, we’ll try to help.

Fly with us!

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