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23 September 2013
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23 September 2013, Comments: 0

As you know, about two weeks ago we set a campaign in motion that we called “10,000 mirlos”. The idea was to raise as much money as possible for this autumn’s tree-planting campaign in La Orotava. But things aren’t going the way we’d like them to be going.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy with the response we’ve been getting: visitors to our web are growing daily and we’ve more and more followers in the social networks; we’re selling all sorts of positive footprint packs to people who donate 10 Euros and plant a tree and a bit more, others who plant 24 trees and transform a full year’s CO2 all at one stroke. But there’s still a long way to go, we need to be better known so that our bank of mirlos can grow until it’s big enough to make the project work.

Ever since we kicked off this project, we haven’t stopped asking people for their opinions to help us detect our weak points so that we can improve and fine-tune our system. We’re new at this and it’s not always easy to get things right first time round. This campaign has shown us that there’s something in our messages that isn’t gelling, it’s not getting through to people, it’s not energising people. We think that’s why the message isn’t going viral and why we’re not reaching the thousands of people we need.

Among all the useful things people have told us, there’s one thing that has been very revealing and that is that although our message is all about “changing the world”, which is very appealing and positive, it it’s sounds a bit hollow. How does being a mirlo change the world? What exactly is going to change? 71 acres of forest in La Orotava are going to save the world?

We say that this has been revealing because it is precisely this idea of changing the world that is at the very heart of Mirlo, it’s what we’re most passionate about. It’s this very idea that made us decide to combine our energies and our savings and to jump in at the deep end and to create a company that offers people the possibility of leaving a positive footprint on the planet.

So we’re going to try and resolve this question here and now, without any more beating about the bush. We’re going to tell you why we think becoming a mirlo changes your world.

First of all: your footprint does a 180º turn.

When we leave this world, we always leave the planet in a worse situation than when we arrived. We generate waste, we emit CO2, we consume natural resources in an unsustainable way, our way of life destroys the biodiversity… It’s been years now since we ceased to be on an equal footing with the natural world that surrounds us. By becoming a mirlo, you begin the change, you transform your world, and you begin to turn this trend around. Right from the start you stop leaving a negative footprint and you begin leaving a positive one. You begin building your legacy, a better world. You don’t have to sit around waiting for the UN to do something about it; you can do your bit right now. Today!

Because today we’re beginning by creating a forest in La Orotava: 71 acres of positive footprint that translates into 12,000 less tons of CO2 (12,000 tons which will not be added to the global warming process) and the recovery of native plants and animals, more water for our crops and to drink, a more beautiful countryside, a place where we can take our grandchildren for a stroll sometime in years to come…

Tomorrow can be so much more.

Secondly: you make it possible for others to change.

To begin, you demonstrate that it is possible to live and to leave a positive footprint. Up to today, 48 people have become mirlos and that proves that it is possible. Be proud to be a mirlo, tell people about it, spread the word!

We could be sowing the seeds of the first “positive nature” generation, the first generation to ever have left the world in a better state than when it came into the world! Now doesn’t that sound good? Spread the word or tell us how we can do this better, how we can reach more people and get across this idea that seems so incredibly powerful to all of us here. There is a new way of living in the world: leave a positive footprint.

Thirdly: you create a new economy that can save the world.

The economy is devouring our world; it has taken control of everything. To those of us who live in certain parts of the planet, the current economy provides wellbeing and it allows us to live, but it is also devours our environment. You can live your life choosing to turn your back on this devastating fact or you can open your eyes and do something about it. If you buy something mirlo, you’re giving out the message “I like companies that leave a positive footprint”.

We’re convinced that it is possible: we can generate wealth and prosperity without having to destroy the planet. We can build businesses that are all about generating positive footprint, right at the very heart of their activities. In fact that’s what Mirlo is all about so help us prove it! Do you know what would be our greatest success story as far as we are concerned? To see others companies begin to imitate us and to see more and more companies starting up whose core activity is all about generating positive footprint.

And we’re not all that far from making it happen. More and more people are aware of the environmental and social impact of the things they buy. And that’s something companies don’t ignore. There’s a green economy ball that has just started rolling, let’s give it a good push so that it rolls even faster.

Our financing model is also in line with our way of seeing things through a new prism and with our desire to create a new paradigm. We’ve joined the crowdfunding movement, a new way to rethink the economy that is changing the rules of the game. It’s now perfectly possible to undertake really expensive projects without needing prior economic resources. Lots of people are prepared to add their grain of sand to make them work. Together, we empower each other. And it’s precisely this model that is breathing life into transformative projects that are full of positive footprint.

What do you think?

Change your world. Become a mirlo.

Explanatory note: setting ourselves up as a business model for the future is something we take really seriously. We don’t want to be an empty promise or to lose all coherence if we ever become a successful company. We want to be a business for the common good, one that generates genuine environmental and social positive footprint. We also know that if we don’t meet your expectations, then we’ll quickly lose the confidence we have gained along the way. That’s why we are committed to being transparent, that’s why we want to grow hand in hand with the people who support us. It’s a road on which not every question has an answer, but we’re willing to take on the challenge of seeing where it leads.

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