Thanks Mirlo people!

22 October 2014
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22 October 2014, Comments: 0

We did it! We have achieved the goal we set ourselves!

There is still a day to go, you can still transform your ecological footprint with us up to midnight on Friday the 24th, but we’re so over the moon that we’ve already started celebrating! We know that with your help, we will be able to transform over 199 tons of CO₂. And that’s good news!

This has taken hours and hours of dedication: managing the web, the purchases, the social networks, all the technical preparation for the project, making new contacts who also want to be part and parcel of this idea of living while leaving a positive ecological footprint, and communication, lots of communication. And every one of these hours has been worthwhile. Because this is a project we are passionate and so excited about, it makes us feel good. But what satisfies us the most, is that we see that more and more people are also excited about it. We’re on a brilliant roller coaster full of good vibes and high fives!

Now we will be busy for a while preparing the tree planting and waiting for the right moment to start. We’ll keep you informed as to the next steps.

mirlo people

Thanks and congratulations to all you Mirlos out there, each and every one of you is part of this new forest that will be generating positive footprint for at least 180 years (that’s what is in our agreement) with #CoronaForestal2014.

You don’t have your positive footprint for this year yet? #1daytogo
Change your world. Become a Mirlo.

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