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8 May 2015
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Your mirlo footprint, ready to keep growing
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If you lean out the window and take a good, deep breath, perhaps you’ll be able to catch a drift of a fresh breeze […]

22 October 2014
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Thanks Mirlo people!
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We did it! We have achieved the goal we set ourselves! There is still a day to go, you can still transform your ecological […]

17 October 2013
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Lizards and their positive footprint on oceanic islands
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Today sees the inauguration of a new section in our Mirlo blog: Natural cooperation. Beatriz Rumeu, who has a PhD in Biology and is […]

7 May 2013
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Mirlo Positive Nature and the Cabildo de Tenerife will work hand in hand to restore Tenerife’s mountains
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The Department of the Environment, Territorial Sustainability and Water will provide infrastructure to support projects run by Mirlo Mirlo Positive Nature has taken a […]