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8 May 2015
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Your mirlo footprint, ready to keep growing
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If you lean out the window and take a good, deep breath, perhaps you’ll be able to catch a drift of a fresh breeze […]

23 September 2013
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The future of the world is in your hands – You can change things!
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As you know, about two weeks ago we set a campaign in motion that we called “10,000 mirlos”. The idea was to raise as […]

17 July 2013
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Mirlo has revamped its website
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Mirlo’s first pilot experience took place a few weeks ago when we got a group of people together so that we could test our […]

5 April 2013
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Where does our name come from?
5 April 2013, Comments: 0

There are two parts to our name. The first part, “Mirlo”, comes from the “mirlo capiblanco”, a type of Blackbird – known in English […]