Are you suffering from a deficit of nature?

30 July 2014
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30 July 2014, Comments: 0

How far away are you from a tree that has a special significance for you? Just think how far it is to that place where you can feel the fresh clean air in your face, or where you can let the leaves of a tree slip through your fingers: maybe it’s too far away? When was the last time you got soaked by the rain on the slopes of a mountain, when was the last time you walked barefoot on the cool grass…? How long has it been since you enjoyed that moment of silence that follows the going down of the sun? Has it been a long time?

Think about it because you may well be putting your health at risk.

According to a recent medical investigation, living far from naturecan make us ill. There is a name for this situation – “nature deficit disorder” and it may give rise to a wide range of symptoms such as depression, asthma, childhood obesity or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

If we are a long way away from nature, then we are a long way away from ourselves and we are missing out on the opportunity of receiving its positive footprint. But this is something we can easily change. Every day, we can take the decision to change our environment, and among all of us, we can transform our surroundings.We can live and we can rebuild nature, our nature, at the same time. We can live and we can leave a positive footprint on the planet.

Change your world. Be mirlo.

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