Press conference held by Mirlo and the “Cabildo” Government of Tenerife

19 September 2013
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19 September 2013, Comments: 0

Thursday 19 September 2013. Mirlo Positive Nature and the local “Cabildo” Government of Tenerife held a press conference today which centred on the following issue: “Public participation advances the reforestation of the largest protected natural space in the Canary Islands. 10 000 people will contribute to the regeneration of Tenerife’s “Corona Forestal”.

The director and co-founder of Mirlo, Yeray Martínez Montesdeoca, and the Cabildo’s Councillors for the Environment and Agriculture, Ana Lupe Mora and José Joaquín Bethencourt, spoke specifically about the “10,000 mirlos” campaign that Mirlo has recently launched. The objective of this campaign is to encourage 10,000 people to purchase a Mirlo Positive Nature pack.

The money raised will enable 43,500 trees to be planted in a total surface area of some 71 acres. An initiative of the “Cabildo” and Mirlo Positive Nature and funded entirely through public participation, this is the first campaign to reforest the largest protected natural space in the Canary Islands.

In the press conference the Cabildo’s Councillors for the Environment and Agriculture, together with the representative from Mirlo, explained the details of this original campaign that will help to increase both the island’s sustainability and its rural development. The Island’s Councillor for the Environment, Ana Lupe Mora, expressed her satisfaction at taking part in this project, and reiterated that the Cabildo is always keen to seek synergies with other social and economic players and to combine resources, best efforts and determination.

The Cabildo stated in the press conference that it has committed to providing 71 acres of land on the slopes of the Orotava Valley, and a technical project designed to reforest zones which until now have been given over to the Radiata pine tree (Pinus radiata) with species which are native to the island. Mirlo for its part is charged with managing and carrying out the work involved and will report to the Department for the Environment. The project will be funded by individuals and members of the business community who wish to participate in the project.

The representatives of the Cabildo expressed their enthusiasm for the new line of management that this project implies, one that adds an economic and social dimension to the environmental principles that underpin nature conservation. Economic insofar as funds for the conservation of the environment are being raised through voluntary donations from companies and individuals who wish to erase the environmental footprint that they leave on the planet by the pollutant gases they emit. And social because it is about reaching out to people’s consciousnesses, mobilising them and calling on them to take part in voluntary activities: a form of public participation that adds a new dimension to the environmental volunteering and corporate social responsibility activities that the Cabildo currently undertakes.

Both the Mirlo and the Cabildo representatives expressed their satisfaction with the spirit of collaboration that is at the heart of the project. As a company, Mirlo Positive Nature believes in collective intelligence and cooperation, both of which are of vital importance if a project of this nature is to be successful. The Cabildo trusts that it is setting an example that will encourage other public bodies in the island and in the Autonomous Community to support initiatives of this nature.

Mirlo wishes to thank the Cabildo and particularly Ana Lupe Mora and José Joaquín Bethencourt for the support they have given us, support that is so needed if we are to make our dream come true.

Picture: Cabildo de Tenerife.

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