It is possible to live and to leave a positive footprint on the planet

17 November 2014
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17 November 2014, Comments: 0

After two years of life, and after having tried different formulas to let the world know that people can take steps to create relationships that make a positive ecological impact on the planet, Corona Forestal 2014 has managed to demonstrate that it is possible.

The community of people who have become involved in transforming their footprint and in creating a new forest, has risen this year to 324 mirlos. If we take into account that before the #CoronaForestal2014 campaign there were just 70 of us, then the growth has been really quite considerable.

The Department of the Environment of the Cabildo de Tenerife is continuing to support us; people are getting to know us and are beginning to make contact with us of their own initiative; the media are opening up spaces to us that let us tell people about this new grassroots movement; associations and businesses that go on to form part of the Mirlo Business Club, the Tenerife Tourist Board, journalists, bloggers, artists and enthusiastic people are all promoting the possibility of living while leaving a positive footprint. A whole network is coming into being.

This has been a year full of new ideas, interactions and work, a lot of hard work, but it’s all beginning to produce results. We exceeded our objectives by 139%, which means that we have raised 5579 Euros, enough to plant 686 trees that will fix 234 tons of CO₂, almost twice the positive footprint we left last year.

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Our sincere thanks to everyone for having confirmed to us that people do want to turn round the way we relate to the planet, for making it possible, and for breathing life into a new native forest. It’s happening, and that makes us very happy.

Change your world. Become a Mirlo.

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