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7 October 2013
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7 October 2013, Comments: 0

These are still early days for Mirlo and one of the first areas we have been exploring is how to increase our radius of activity. We’ve been trying to seek out companies with a spirit akin to our own, companies that want to leave a positive footprint on the world. Really, when push comes to shove, it’s all about people:behind every company,real people are working away, breathing life into them, striving to make a success out of them.Among all these people, we are convinced there are lots out there who have what it takes to be a mirlo.We’re sure there are people just like us who want to leave a positive footprint and who want to change course towards a more sustainable world.

What really matters is that we’re finding them!If you follow us on Facebook or on Twitter you’ll know we’re already mentioned this, but today we’d like to talk a little more about these companies who are helping Mirlo Positive Nature’s new “Companies Club” to take shape.

The Talg family, Enrique, Irene and Ursula, run the Tigaiga Hotel in Puerto de la Cruz, a benchmark of environmental commitment in Tenerife’s tourism industry and pioneers in introducing quality and the environment into the global hospitality world.They became interested in Mirlo and have been our allies right from the start.

Los Cristianos is the island’s other major tourism centre and here we came upon Luis Perez and Bruno Correa, the managers of the Paradise Park Hotel. They have also been really enthusiasticabout Mirlo ever since we first met them to talk about what we do.The Paradise Park Hotel has been cultivating its environmental performance through such issues as energy efficiency, solar power and waste management, in a working atmosphere that rewards the active implication of staff members through coaching techniques.

In the village of Vilaflor, half way between the north and the south of Tenerife in the middle of the Teide Glens (“las Cañadas”) and the pine forests of the Corona Forestal, we met Juan Francisco Reverón who runs the fantastic Villalba Spa Hotel. Juan’s passionate presentation of his rural hotel project really impressed us. It’s all about offering his clients a spectacular setting in which the forest practically gets right in tothe bedrooms and the spa’s swimming pool.They’re also working on activities to improve the environment in the hotel premises and they want to become our flagship and to spearhead Mirlo’s activities in Tenerife.

All these people have been encouraging us to keep up the hard work of developing our ideas for introducing our philosophy which is all about living and leaving a positive footprint on the planet.But they’re not the only ones:we’ve also received a helping hand from other business people in Tenerife and elsewhere.Some of them are independent professional people such as the architect Aliana Rodríguez whom we told you all about last week or Ian Dornan who translates all our texts into English. There are other interesting examples such as the Anatot Creative Space Hostel in Gran Canaria where they have decided they are going to transform their annual CO2 footprint into a living forest in Tenerife, or PROFOR, Spain’s National Association of Forestry Professionals, which has also joined Mirlo.


Just in finishing, we should mention the news portal “Tendencias21.net“. Ever since they joined Mirlo last July they haven’t stopped providing us with priceless support by telling their hundreds of thousands of readers across the globe all about us, spreading the world about this new way of living and leaving a positive footprint.

Of course, as a company we’ve alsobeen “doing our homework”and we’re going to use Mirlo’s projects to ensure our activity leaves a positive footprint, which is just as it should be.This year we’re starting to do so through Genea Consultores, the parent company from which Mirlo sprouted forth and which is going to transform all the CO2 footprint it generated in 2012 into a positive one. That includes the activity of setting up Mirlo and helping it get off the ground. When we close 2013, we’ll work out our accounts in Genea and in Mirlo and we’ll do the same with this year’s footprint, planting trees in the autumn of 2014.

We’re all needed if we’re going to make this change happen, we’re making progress.

Join us and change your world. Be a mirlo. There’s still time for you to plant your trees this year; there are just four days left!

Photograph: Káhina, who looks after our alliances, talking with Enrique Talg about the Mirlo Business Club.

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