Mirlo takes part in the Pambaso Environmental Resource Centre’s theme of the month, “Sustainability and the Environment”.

21 November 2013
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21 November 2013, Comments: 0

Last October, the University Centre for International Development Cooperation of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (CUCID) invited Mirlo Positive Nature to share its experience in their “Environment and Cooperation Training Meeting”. CUCID organises monthly themes that include actions aimed at making people aware of relevant aspects of our reality as an inter-connected society. October’s theme was Sustainability and the Environment.

CICUD is a group of university students who are committed to change, people who absorb knowledge and are full of creativity, and who are just itching to do all they can to improve the planet.

The meeting was held in the Pambaso Environmental Resource Centre, an amazing  estate that belongs to the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Town Council and is located at the end of the Guiniguada ravine, just before it goes underground beneath the road that leads to the town centre. The Town Council allowed us to use this space which offers a quite rare angle on nature. The organisers, determined to create positive relationships for everyone, proposed to us that we should show our gratitude for this gesture by proposing a whole range of ideas that could give a new lease of life to the Pambaso – ideas that we collected together after the debate in a number of worktables.

The first session was held by the emblematic group of ecologists from the Canary Islands, Ben Magec, who told us all about their experiences. They made us feel really involved in their process, their dreams, difficulties and hopes after 25 years of work in defence of the environment. Afterwards we all took a stroll through the Pambaso estate and they explained their project to us, showing us the market gardens and the different activities that they carry out there. It is a spectacular place, in communion with both the city and the countryside.

After having watched two unsettling videos about the disastrous consequences of our industrial lifestyle on the environment, we talked about alternatives that have the power to invert the negative spirals of our relationship with nature. This was when Mirlo Positive Nature had the opportunity to talk about our initiative and the specific tools we use to promote a change towards positive footprints.

We here in Mirlo would like to thank Javier, Elena and all those who helped organise or who took part in the meeting for all their efforts. We love meeting people who are so coherent, people with solid principles that encourage cooperation and the creation of positive relationships.

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