Our views on sustainability and abundance

30 April 2013
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30 April 2013, Comments: 0

Sustainability is a trending topic these days. Large corporations are saying they’re concerned because we’re consuming the world’s resources, and besides, we can see it coming! If we keep on this way, not only will it put paid to their business… it’ll be the end of life as we know it. We currently consume 1½ times what the planet can produce each year and in 2050 – when the global population will reach 9 billion – we’ll be consuming three times as much. We’re literally eating up the planet, something has to change.

We need to bear in mind the 4 Rs of sustainability and we need to apply them in our daily lives: reduce our consumption, recycle more, reuse what we already have and repair things when they break. This is a great way to prevent so much wastage and to bring our behaviour into sync with what is produced in our own environment.

But all this is not enough. In Mirlo we believe that we have to work towards an even more profound change, we need to look at the world from a different prism. We have to grasp the fact that we have to change how we relate to the planet. It’s not enough just to consume less: we have to make sure that the planet is able to generate more life; we have to ensure that it can recover its ability to provide for us, to produce biodiversity.

This is precisely what our little mirlo does: by eating fruit the way he does, he is in fact helping the forest to grow, which means that there will be more fruit for us all to eat in the future. The mirlo’s attitude is one of abundance, where giving is every bit as important as receiving. When he eats his piece of cake, by which we mean, the planet, he’s not making anybody else’s piece any smaller, quite the contrary, he’s making the cake even bigger, he’s making sure there’s more cake for everybody!.

This concept of abundance can also be seen in the forests: just by growing they are creating conditions which favour life itself. 80 % of the earth’s species live in the forests. Water is produced and purified in the forests. The air we breathe is recycled in the forests. If we value forests, we value life and the future.

So let’s add one more “R”: let’s recycle, let’s reuse things, let’s reduce our consumption, let’s repair what’s broken and let’s restore the planet… let’s be mirlos! Let’s plant more forests and make the world a better place to live in – for all our sakes.

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