Mirlo Positive Nature Joins Forces with the Tenerife Tourist Board to Balance the Impact of Tourism

3 September 2013
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3 September 2013, Comments: 0
  • Visitors to the island will be able to generate a positive ecological footprint by helping to plant trees in the Corona Forestal

03–09–2013. Mirlo Positive Nature has joined forces with the Tenerife Tourist Board to offer tourists who visit the island the possibility of compensating the ecological impact of their stay by planting trees in what is the largest protected natural space in the Canary Islands, an area known as the Corona Forestal.

The average carbon footprint that someone holidaying in the Canaries leaves behind is estimated to be around 1.6 tons of CO2.  This amount includes the emissions from a return flight (1.2 tons of CO2), 9 nights’ accommodation and the use of a hire car to drive some 125 kilometres around the island.

Tenerife receives some 5 million tourists each year and 40% of them use a car during their stay. The majority of tourists are aware of the ecological impact of their holidays and would really like to compensate the effects that their stay and their driving around the island have on nature.  The integration of Mirlo Positive Nature into the Tenerife Tourist Board will make it possible for tourists to transform the impact of their trip into a positive ecological footprint.

Positive ecological footprint is generated because trees are able to capture the carbon dioxide that is produced by human activity, thereby preventing such activity from causing further global warming. So that this massive positive ecological footprint can become a reality, Mirlo Positive Nature has developed an original system of citizen participation which makes it possible to plant one tree for every 7.7 Euros that they raise.

11,600 tons less CO2

The trees that are going to be planted this autumn in the Corona Forestal, in conjunction with the local government, the “Cabildo Insular”, will fix some 11,600 tons of CO2. This is the gas that is responsible for the global warming of the earth’s surface and these new trees will prevent it from becoming concentrated in the atmosphere. In this way, the new trees that are planted through the collaboration of Tenerife’s visitors will compensate the holidays of at least 7,000 tourists, 0.14% of the total number of tourists that visit the island each year.

Tourists who take part in the initiative can also discover local culture and gastronomy by purchasing packs that include as well as the positive ecological footprint that they buy, the opportunity to try local produce such as honey, wine or gofio, and indeed they can even learn how to build a thatched-roof cottage in the traditional style of the Orotava Valley.

Mirlo Positive Nature believes that the Corona Forestal campaign is a good way to begin the environmental rebalancing of the island’s tourist activity, and a good way to help to consolidate the Tenerife brand as a sustainable tourist destination in the global marketplace.

Mirlo Positive Nature

Mirlo Positive Nature is a company that was set up in Madrid in 2013 and is based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Its objective is to enlist the help of the public to undertake genuine environmental projects which make a positive impact on nature and society. Mirlo Positive Nature supports the seventh of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) that the 189 member states of the United Nations agreed to attain by the year 2015: ensure environmental sustainability. Mirlo’s aim is to achieve this sustainability by generating positive ecological footprints. The first project to be launched on its Internet platform has to do with recovering the original forests of the Corona Forestal on the island of Tenerife, specifically the forests that cover the peaks of the Orotava Valley. http://www.mirlo.co

Tenerife Tourist Board

The objective of the Tenerife Tourist Board is to promote and develop the Island as a tourist destination. By bringing together a number of public administration bodies and the private sector, it has managed to create a solid network which makes it possible to develop and put a collective weight behind more efficient tourism strategies. http://www.webtenerife.com/


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Eduardo Martínez


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Mirlo Project: www.mirlo.co

Corona Forestal Project: http://mirlo.co/projects/corona-forestal/introduction/

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