Mirlo Positive Nature and the Cabildo de Tenerife will work hand in hand to restore Tenerife’s mountains

7 May 2013
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7 May 2013, Comments: 0

The Department of the Environment, Territorial Sustainability and Water will provide infrastructure to support projects run by Mirlo

Mirlo Positive Nature has taken a major step forward in its efforts to launch and develop its project for restoring Tenerife’s Corona Forestal region, as well as other future initiatives.

On the 2nd of May the head of Mirlo Positive Nature, Yeray Montesdeoca was invited to the offices of the local Council’s Department of the Environment, Territorial Sustainability and Water to sign the agreement, for an initial two-year period, under which said Department will make infrastructure available for projects that Mirlo will be undertaking in the Island.

“ We are really grateful for the collaboration of the Council, especially since such collaboration is part and parcel of Mirlo’s philosophy of searching for alliances which allow us to set up new projects and to spread the world about positive footprints”, explained Yeray Montesdeoca.

Ana Lupe Mora, the Departmental head, highlighted the fact that the project to restore the Corona Forestal region had been really well received by the Island’s principal corporation, as testified by the fact that the agreement was approved just a few days ago by the Governing Council.

“Let’s hope we’ll see more commitments like this. I have nothing but praise for initiatives that try to get everyone in Tenerife involved in restoring our mountains. It’s something every man, woman and child should support”, the councillor insisted.

Mirlo Positive Nature grew out of the need to promote a way of life and of doing business that is based on sustainability. That in turn gives rise to our promoting and running projects which try to involve as many collaborators as possible so that we can leave an environmentally, socially and economically “positive footprint” in the territories we work in.

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