Mirlo plants its first 30 trees with the Tigaiga Hotel

28 November 2013
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28 November 2013, Comments: 0

Last week, on the 24th of November, we planted this campaign’s first batch of trees. And we did so with the help of the clients of the Tigaiga Hotel and of Esther and Tomás, technicians in the Department of the Environment of the local “Cabildo” Government in Tenerife, who brought with them the plants, the tools and their savoir-faire. The Cabildo’s Environment Councillor, Ana Lupe Mora was also there, and she carried out her role as hostess to perfection.

The tree planting formed part of the tourist rally that the Tigaiga Hotel organises every year. The clients of the hotel toured the island of Tenerife on board classic cars and they all then planted a tree, one per car, in a symbolic gesture that compensated the car’s footprint and that will allow them to leave a positive legacy behind them when their holidays are over. It was a spectacular sight to see all the old cars arriving, with dozens of people all ready to do their bit to make the island just that little bit better, and more sustainable.

A cloudy day…

The day started off really sunny, but, as if by magic, no sooner had Tomás and Esther finished briefing us and we had just begun to plant our trees, than a gentle and by no means unpleasant rain began to fall. It was as if the clouds were extending a welcome to the young plants that we had brought with us, plants that are now firmly rooted in the soil, a promise of a new forest to come.

Our objective – achieved – was to plant 30 trees, one for each classic car, and to transform the emissions that these cars produce during the rally, into positive ones. These trees will fix more than eight tons of CO₂ over the next 50 years, which equates to a medium-sized car driving over 20,000 km. This is in fact considerably more than the emissions that this rally will have produced and it is a shining example of positive footprint.

Moreover, this event served to present the collaboration between Mirlo Positive Nature and the Tigaiga Hotel, which, this very week, has begun to offer its clients the possibility of taking part in our 2014 Corona Forestal project. The goal is to create a forest with the participation of the Tigaiga Hotel, its clients, and Mirlo. We hope it will be a huge forest!

A morning filled with enthusiasm

It was clear that the friends of the Tigaiga were really enthusiastic about the tree planting. Some of them committed where they had planted their tree to memory: “This way I’ll be able to come back to see it next year and I’ll know which one it is”. Others were so ecstatic that we had barely enough holes for all the trees they wanted to plant. A lovely guest of the Tigaiga took her leave from the trees saying, “I wish you all the best”. We all join her in making the same wish.

So now we have to hope that what’s left of the autumn, the winter and the spring are benevolent and that our plants can survive the rigours of Tenerife’s summer sun. Those that don’t make it will be replanted next autumn.

We just have to wait two more weeks and then we’ll be back out there planting more trees. Just you wait, this has just started!


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