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17 July 2013
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17 July 2013, Comments: 0

Mirlo’s first pilot experience took place a few weeks ago when we got a group of people together so that we could test our model and ask them for input to help us make it even better. Everything went really well and it helped us to come to various conclusions all of which we have found to be really useful.

If one thing was quite clear to us, it was that we needed to rethink how we were getting our message across. We realised that the information that we were providing in our website was somewhat muddled, and that as far as our achieving our goals was concerned, it was in fact an obstacle more than a help. So, since that first experience which was some two months ago now, we’ve been busy turning our proposal upside down and the changes we’ve come up with can now be seen in the design of our new website, which we’ve just launched.

We think that the most important change is that no matter who you are, when you enter our website you’ll feel that our message is going out to you personally and directly. And really, up to now it wasn’t all that clear who our audience was, or who could take part. We’ve done our best to get rid of that ambiguity so that anybody and everybody who wants to leave a positive footprint can do so with our help, no matter what nationality they are nor where they live.

From our new home page, all our mirlos can choose straightaway how you want to collaborate: perhaps you want to transform your environmental footprint into a positive one (everybody can choose which facet of their life they’d like to compensate), or you’d like to put forward an environmental project so that we can help get it off the ground, or maybe you’d just like to share our information with your friends so that we can become bigger, stronger and better known. And hey, if you want to participate in all three ways, there’s nothing stopping you!


Another of the major changes we’ve made has to do with out Positive Nature packs. Our new proposal features two packs: basic packs and premium packs. The basic packs allow you to transform your environmental footprint into a positive one. The premium packs, are designed to help us promote something that is very close to our heart here in Mirlo: collaborating with the local communities in the regions our projects take place in. Our first project is already under way in Tenerife and that’s why we’re currently offering premium packs which include a number of experiences that people can enjoy in that island. Whether you’re visiting the island or you live there, you have the option of paying just a little more and that little more will let you leave an even bigger positive footprint, you’ll be able to taste local produce, get to know the culture of the Canary Islands better, and you’ll be helping the local economy at the same time.

We’ve also added a frequent questions page to try to answer all the questions we get asked. We’ve started with the questions that tend to get repeated and we intend adding more such questions in due course. We’ve also added a press room which now includes our press kit and we’ll upload all the press releases we send out to make it easy for journalists who are interested in Mirlo to access our material.

Have a look at our new web and see what you think. If you’ve any comments or suggestions as to how we can keep making it better, we’d love to hear from you.

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