Mirlo footprints: the Tenerife Time Bank

13 September 2013
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13 September 2013, Comments: 0

We’re opening up a new space within our blog for proposals that although they may not be directly related to Mirlo Positive Nature as such, do nevertheless bring to the table values or actions that we can really identify with. One of these ideas is the Tenerife Time Bank.

Time banks are a way of rethinking the economy, and they are becoming so popular that their success is almost always guaranteed. It’s all about finding a way for people trade different services using their time as the currency. As each day goes by, the bank in Tenerife is demonstrating how collective organisation can overcome all manner of obstacles and how it can come up with solutions to many of the difficulties we are all facing in the current economic situation.

Anyone can be part of a time bank, given that we all have something to offer. In our day to day life we are constantly in need of somebody else’ know-how or services and what time banks do is they make it easy to obtain such services. The bank that is active in the metropolitan area of Tenerife is going from strength to strength and now has over 300 members, as the digital radio station Canarias3puntocero was quick to point out recently. The members include professional people from all walks of life such as teachers, electricians, journalists…

Their doors are open to anyone who wants to make their services available. All you have to do is register, either online through their website or by calling in to the bank’s offices in La Laguna. They work from the premises of the “Federación Ecologista Canaria Ben Magec” which is in Avenida Trinidad, Bloque 15, 38204, Local bajo izq.

It’s a fact that time banks have flourished as a consequence of the crisis, given that it has become well nigh impossible to obtain certain services. The shared economy philosophy behind them is becoming more and more established and it is quite possible that it is here to stay.

The New Economics Foundation, dedicated to the study and promotion of new forms of economics, was the instigator of the first time bank which was set up in London in 1998. Since then time banks have shown themselves to be one of the best examples of what we refer to as a positive footprint. Not surprisingly the media has been buzzing with news of a new worldwide time bank that has just been set up, the Cronobank. New members have been flocking to it ever since it was inaugurated which shows that the concept is being really well received by people on all five continents. And once again people in the Canaries have been quick off the mark – ten cronobankers have already signed up in the islands, offering a range of different services.

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