Mirlo couple pairs for life!

26 June 2014
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26 June 2014, Comments: 0

Last month, a beautiful couple of Mirlos, Tom Roberts and Gloria Meneses González, got married in Tenerife.

Just like our Mirlo, Tom and Gloria flew in to Tenerife; and just like our Mirlo, Tom and Gloria wanted to leave a ‘Positive Nature’ footprint. They were joined at an idyllic location near the Orotava valley by friends and family who flocked in to celebrate with them. Inspired by our video and mindful of the environmental impact that their migratory flight and those of their guests might have, Tom & Gloria got in touch with the team at Mirlo Positive Nature to see how they could mitigate some of the carbon cost of their wedding in Tenerife at the same time as offering a gift to their friends and family attending the wedding.

“What a great idea!” we thought and got busy designing a wedding favour which would explain to their guests this altruistic gesture and celebrate their special day in a unique Mirlo way.

Mirlo couple pairs for life!

The happy couple said “Getting married abroad involves a lot of flying and carbon. We were keen to explore a practical solutions oriented approach to try and address this issue. We were inspired by Mirlo’s message and projects and wanted to leave a positive legacy for the beautiful island of Tenerife. It was a joy to work with the Mirlo team. We were impressed by their enthusiasm, knowledge and receptiveness to our ideas in tailoring our wedding favours to our needs.”

Tom & Gloria were able to help Mirlo’s 1st crowdfunded project in Tenerife – restoring and reforesting the Corona Forestal to its native woodland species. Their contribution will offset 12.3 tonnes of CO₂, plant 36 native (laurisilva) trees in phase II, and add 300 m2 of new forest = ↓soil erosion, ↓ fires, ↑ biodiversity.

Mirlo couple pairs for life!

We are looking forward to helping our next pair of Mirlos create a positive footprint and, who knows, even seeing some nests and fledgling Mirlos join our on-line community soon!

From all the Mirlo team – we wish Tom and Gloria a wonderful honeymoon period and a beautiful ‘Positive Nature’ life together! Congratulations and thanks for being Mirlo!

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Mirlo Positive Nature is a local social enterprise in Tenerife which empowers concerned individuals who want to leave a positive footprint on the planet. Together, through an on-line community, we fund environmental projects, get our hands dirty planting trees, and experience the joy of implementing environmental solutions that are beneficial to the local economy.

How it works
1. Engaged individuals put forward an idea for an environmental project e.g. reforesting the Corona Forestal woodland.
2. The Mirlo team assesses the proposal and, with local actors, devises a solution.
3. Through Mirlo’s on-line presence, we use crowdfunding to raise funds for the project.
4. We ask people to collaborate, local businesses to spread the word and get involved.

By turning local environmental concerns into action, Mirlo provides a model for community involvement and empowerment in natural resource management.