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25 October 2013
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25 October 2013, Comments: 0

As we have been telling you through the social networks, the entire Mirlo team held a meeting in Madrid last week. As a matter of fact, there aren’t that many opportunities for all of us to get together in person, so when we do manage it the sessions are really intense. On this occasion, we had two objectives: the first one was to have a team coaching session to consolidate what we do and how we do it; the second one was to define Mirlo’s next steps, taking into consideration the results we have achieved up to now, our expectations and our capacity.

The first part went really well. Gema Cruz, our favourite coach, put us through a series of dynamic exercises that encouraged us to reflect on our way of working, our strong points and our weak points. We had the opportunity to discuss outstanding issues and to put forward improvements for the future.

Gema Cruz - Coaching

The second part of the conference was given over to analysing the mistakes we have made, as well as what we have done right, since we set up Mirlo, the results we have obtained to date and the strategy we want to follow from now on.

Once again, it became clear that we need to rethink our message so that it can be more easily understood and can reach more people. In the weeks to come, we’ll be redesigning our web and we’ll try to put across all our ideas in a more simple and direct way. We will also be focusing on creating a community and to do that we’ll be changing the way we communicate with people in our social networks. The idea is to create more personal and meaningful content matter even though that may mean slowing down the rhythm of our publications. When you think about it, here in Mirlo, we like the slow philosophy; we like to follow the rhythms of Mother Nature!

There is one success story that we feel especially proud of: Mirlo has been up and running for less than one year but we have already raised money to plant trees. We’re not going to be planting as many trees as we would have wished, but even so, there’s a good lot of them and that is a source of great satisfaction for us. We believe that this achievement will serve to make us better known and to consolidate our community of mirlos. We have also begun to generate positive footprint and that makes us feel very proud of our mirlos.

In the weeks to come, while we go about redefining our social networks and considering the changes we want to make to our web, we’ll also be preparing the tree planting. We have arranged the dates and we will let you have all the details in due course. We’re really happy to be able to share this experience with all of you, we’re making progress!

So, what do you think of the Mirlo project so far?

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