Mirlo and Pinolere: an enthralling journey to the Canary Islands of days gone by

16 September 2013
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16 September 2013, Comments: 0

As you already know, one of the most important elements of the philosophy behind Mirlo Positive Nature is our desire to generate positive footprints not only in the environment but also in the economy and in the local communities in which we carry out our projects. One of the ways we can do this is by establishing alliances with collaborators with whom we strike up mutually beneficial relationships. In Tenerife, home to our first project, one of our most valued collaborators is the Pinolere Cultural Association. We’d like to tell you a little more about them today.

The Pinolere Cultural Association specialises in recuperating the culture and the traditions of the Canary Islands. Its origins go all the way back to 1985 and the very first handicrafts fair that was held as part of the local festivities in a neighbourhood known as Pinolere (in La Orotava). From this seed grew what would become, twenty years later, the Pinolere Cultural Association. Nowadays, as well as continuing to organise that same handicrafts fair, it now also runs an ethnographic museum which welcomes thousands of visitors each year. The museum recreates the popular culture, the history and the customs of this area of the north of Tenerife. The museum features a threshing floor, local houses referred to as “terreras”, pens for chickens and rabbits, an allotment full of medicinal plants and typical thatched-roof cottages or barns, recreations of traditional constructions which in days gone by served as homes and which today are now gainfully employed as exhibition rooms.

But this centre is home to many more activities, all of them related to the culture and the traditions of the Canary Islands. They organise activities in conjunction with local schools so that children can learn all about typically Canary Island trades and skills. This year it was home to the 1st Tenerife Forestry Fair in which Mirlo also had the honour of participating, and each year, at the beginning of September, they hold the Pinolere Handicrafts Fair.

Collaboration with Mirlo

One of the premium options that Mirlo offers is in collaboration with the Pinolere Cultural Association, to be more precise, the Cottages and Gofio option. Since these premium options have to be enjoyed in-situ, they are in fact add-ons that can be added to any basic pack, and they are designed for people who either live near the project or who intend visiting the area. The objective is to make a contribution to the local economy by offering authentic local products and experiences, produced by people from the area the project takes place in, people who sympathise with the Mirlo philosophy.

Mirlos who choose the Cottages and Gofio premium option will enjoy a truly Canary Island experience with the good people of the Pinolere Cultural Association: they will learn how to build a cottage with a thatched roof, they’ll prepare a typical gofio ball in the traditional manner and they’ll savour an aperitif of local products. The money raised from these premium options go entirely to the collaborator —in this case, the Pinolere Cultural Association, which means that while you are enjoying this experience, you’re also helping to recuperate and to spread the word about the traditional culture of the Canary Islands, and the work that this centre has been carrying out for the last almost 30 years.

Picture: www.culturaencanarias.com

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