International Appalachian Trail Spain is under way

17 July 2014
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17 July 2014, Comments: 0

#IntAppalachianTrail #Spain
The largest trail in the world has reached Spain

Do you enjoy hiking? We have a new project in the north of Spain. We are supporting the creation of the International Appalachian Trail between Leon and Gijon.

This is a strategic project for us:

  1. It expands our global reach: we want to be really big and we need to make ourselves known outside Tenerife and the Canaries.
  2. It links us to a community with thousands of followers throughout the world: that of the International Appalachian Trail. This way we really can increase the size of our band.
  3. It allows us to identify new positive footprint projects in an amazing part of Spain: the Picos de Europa Mountains and the surrounding area.

Help us!

Support and spread the word about the crowdfunding campaign we have set up. The first days are vital if we are to be successful.

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