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30 September 2013
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30 September 2013, Comments: 0

One of the things we find most satisfying about the work we do here in Mirlo Positive Nature is the fact that we keep meeting marvellous people who encourage us and who keep telling us that we really are on the right road. We really are lucky: there are lots of everyday heroes out there, ready and willing to lend a hand. In today’s blog we’d like to share with you some words that we received from Aliana, a really positive super-heroine who took part in the “10,000 mirlos” campaign that got under way a few weeks ago. Belonging to Mirlo made her feel really good, here’s what she told us:

“I’m a mirlo now! And that makes me feel happy. It means I’ve bought 8.2 trees in exchange for 2.2 tons of the CO2 that I have consumed. Right from the start I loved that idea, it was so simple and effective. It’s been developed by a team of expert forest engineers, biologists and zoologists, and it’s all about replanting to offset the emissions caused by everyday activities such as travelling, driving our car, just being at home even. (You can make donations from as little as 10€). I signed up on Monday morning. Getting my certificate guaranteeing a controlled reforestation, well it really made my day!

But that night, it’s strange, but I couldn’t get to sleep… Taking my card out and keying in all those numbers to buy trees is something I’m not used to. I thought to myself it’s as if I get up on a special day and I “buy” an afternoon’s trip out on a boat with my grandmother (I’d be rowing of course), for all those delicious pies she’s made me…

2.2 tons of CO2… how much is that really? “Tons of CO2” those are big words… and I generated them, all by myself! What doesn’t come to mind all that immediately is what sort of volume we’re talking about, or what they look like, but I’m certain they are a really dull grey colour. And something tells me they’ll not smell exactly of lavender…

I was born in a city, and I live in one, which means that as far as the planet is concerned, I’m as sustainable as a hippopotamus trying to tiptoe across a shelly beach without breaking any of them… and that doesn’t mean that one day I wouldn’t like to drive an ecological car, or to live in a bioclimatic house or that I don’t dream about clean energy. An optimist? Well, I am quite positive, most of the time.”

Aliana R. Alonso

Thank you so much Aliana! Mirlo and the planet thank you. Not even we would have been able to explain what being and feeling that you are a “mirlo”, is all about, but it’s clear that the “mirlo spirit” is getting through to people. Readers, why not follow Aliana’s lead!

Picture: Dominic Dhancke, Los Tilos, La Palma.

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