1. Is Mirlo a company, a trust or an NGO?
Mirlo Positive Nature SL is a private company set up by four partners: Genea Consultores (Yeray Martínez Montesdeoca), Jesús de la Plaza Martínez, Lawrensilva (Jamie Lawrence) and Lucía Rodríguez Corral. Although our goal is to contribute to making the planet a better place to live in, we are not an NGO.
2. How do you raise funds for your projects?
We use crowdfunding to raise funds for our environmental projects. We ask people to collaborate, people who know how important it is that we change the dramatic situation the planet currently finds itself in, people who want to make a positive U-turn. If lots of people make a small collaboration then we can achieve great things.

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3. If I make a contribution, what do I receive in return?

When you put your money into a Mirlo project, this is what you get back:

1. You create a different world. No matter whether you make a big or a small donation, we are changing the nature of the footprint that we leave on our planet every single day. It’s happening, and you’re making it happen.

2. You will receive a certificate as to the footprint that you have left. This certificate is guaranteed by us and by the other institutions involved in the project.

3. We’ll tell you all about what’s happening. We want you to experience what it means to be recovering nature. We are creating a legacy and you are part of it. We want you to enjoy it.

4. And there’s lots more! Sometimes you’ll be able to come and directly take part in the project. Watch out for the bulletins we send out whenever such an opportunity arises. We are also looking for special conditions such as in the Corona Forestal, where we have managed to ensure that the zones we plant will be preserved as forests for the next 180 years.

If you want more detailed information, please have a look at our general terms and conditions.

4. What are you going to do with the money I contribute?
We want to be totally clear about this: 70% of your contribution will be put to use in whichever environmental project is underway at that time. When various projects are under way at one and the same time, you'll be able to choose which one you want to contribute to. And we'll use the remaining 30% to keep the company going and for communication purposes, setting up new projects and so on.

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5. What guarantees do you provide?

1º) We respect your rights as a client, in full compliance with the law. In the Terms and Conditions section you can consult aspects relating to the performance of the projects, refunds, customer service and personal data protection.

2º) We are transparent in how we use money. We regularly update you as to how the projects’ and Mirlo’s accounts are progressing and what we are doing with the money we bring in. You can find this information in our web, in the section dedicated to each project and in the “About us” section.

3º) We keep you informed as to the guarantees and risks inherent in each project. Working with nature is a complex business and we want to be honest as to the limits of our ability to meet our objectives. Find out all the details about each project, in the risks and guarantees documentation.

6. Do any public bodies get involved in your projects? If so, how? Do you get any money from them?
We have to sign agreements with the Authorities if we want to carry out any activity that is going to take place on public land. For example, in the Corona Forestal project we signed an agreement with the "Cabildo de Tenerife", the local Council, so that we could plant trees in La Orotava. But we don't receive any manner of funding from public bodies; everything we receive comes from crowdfunding.
7. Can I get any income tax relief on my contributions to Mirlo?

We're not an NGO and we're not a trust, so currently under Spanish law as far as individuals are concerned it's not possible to claim tax relief on any contributions you make to Mirlo Positive Nature.

If you are a company, it is possible to get tax relief if you include your contribution to Mirlo as a communication service, of as part of your corporate responsibility policy. Ask your tax advisor.

8. What audience are you trying to reach with your message? Is this just for tourists?
Our message is intended for everyone. Anybody who identifies with how we see the world and who wants to help make it a better place to live in can make a contribution and that can be just as much or as little as you can afford. You don't have to be a tourist; you don't have to live in any specific country.
9. Can I suggest ideas to Mirlo for environmental projects that I'm interested in?
Of course! That's one of our main objectives! In the medium term our goal is to become a platform where new environmental projects can become a reality, projects that are put forward by people who are concerned about our planet and who want to leave a positive footprint. So if you have an idea, feel free to share it with us here.

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10. Where does your name come from?

The inspiration for our name comes from a little bird called the "mirlo capiblanco". In English it's known as the Ring Ouzel. Well this little bird flies every year from the north of Europe to the Canary Islands, and when it gets there, it helps to spread the seeds of the Canary Island cedar tree, which is a local species that is very much under threat at the moment.

The concept "Positive Nature" has a double meaning: on the one hand, it refers to the positive footprint we want to leave on nature; on the other hand it refers to the positive nature of the members of our team and all our collaborators, and that means you too! Because we're all positive by nature.

You can find lots more information here and you can enjoy the charming story of our little mirlo in the video.

11. Why do you say that by being a mirlo you are making the economy that can change the world a reality?

We need to find new ways of generating wealth and prosperity. Most business models are based on generating products or services that one way or another degrade the environment. Downsizing, reusing and recycling are not in themselves enough to achieve a sustainable world that can provide shelter for the nine billion human beings that will be living on it by 2050, without devastating the ecosystems that support us.

We believe that new business models have to be found that, as we do, naturally create a positive footprint on the environment. That’s what the “mirlo capiblanco” does, an economy that lives by leaving positive footprint on the world. One that generates a natural world that can provide shelter for more life.

12. Do you seriously believe that by putting money into your projects we are creating a more sustainable lifestyle? (for the more sceptical among you;-)

We appreciate that donating some money so that an environmental project can become a reality has a limited impact on a person leading a really sustainable lifestyle. Even so, we believe that this part of being a mirlo is not its most potent aspect. We believe that what is really powerful about our proposal is that it represents a paradigm shift, one that is beginning to emerge in our society. We believe that our strength resides in being able to transmit to other people this way of seeing our relationship with nature, living and leaving a positive footprint on the world.

It’s not just about the trees we plant, it’s about people discovering the size of their negative footprint, and deciding to change. Or companies who help us spread the word. We’re just starting and there are more and more of us every day.

Imagine how far we can go if leaving positive footprint really catches on as a lifestyle?

Change your world. Be mirlo