#CoronaForestal2013 - And so… the journey begins!

12 December 2013
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12 December 2013, Comments: 0

The day has come at last! With all your collaboration and all your support, we’ve managed to raise enough money to plant almost 500 trees in the Corona Forestal in La Orotava. And tomorrow, Saturday, we’ll be heading off with a group of mirlos and collaborators to plant the first trees in the zone. You can’t imagine how excited we are! Here’s a brief summary of all the details to make sure that nothing is left to chance.

Schedule and planting

09.00 AM: We’ll pick up the first group of mirlos at the La Laguna bus stop, at the old San Benito “guaguas” station.

09.30 AM: then we’ll pick up the second group at the La Orotava bus stop, at the “guaguas” bus stop on Avenida Obispo Benítez de Lugo, No. 26, just opposite the DISA La Laguna station.

If you haven’t yet told us where you want us to pick you up, call us ASAP on 649 022 944! Important: please be punctual, because we don’t want to leave anybody behind.

10.00 AM: we arrive at the place where we’re going to plant the trees. There’ll be a short explanation as to how we intend planting the trees.

11.30 AM: we’ll have a rest and a snack.

14.00 AM: after some more tree planting, we’ll climb back on to the buses, and they’ll take us back to the pick-up spots.

What do I need to bring with me to the tree planting?
Bring clothes and footwear that are appropriate for the mountains, something warm and waterproof in case it rains.
We’ll be bringing sandwiches, courtesy of the house, but if you have any allergy or food intolerance, it would be best if you were to bring your own food just in case.

Weather forecast
Tomorrow’s weather should be sunny with a temperature of around 14 ⁰C . Rain is not expected, but it might be windy. Come prepared.

Mirlo will be in the social networks
From the mountains, as long as there’s enough coverage, we’ll be publishing photos in Twitter and Facebook and we’ll tell you all about how we’re getting on. The hashtag we’ll be using will be #CoronaForestal2013, note it down!
We encourage you all to participate in our social networks, whether you’re out planting trees or you’re at home. We really want all of you to be part of this, because it’s you who made this dream come true.

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