These are the companies that are helping us to make our footprint grow.

It is important for us that we should collaborate with local communities in order to generate real and positive impact. Not only that, we collaborate with the people who manage the land we are going to be working in, local honey producers, activity tourism companies, hotel keepers, University researchers and any other person who wants to add their grain of sand to Mirlo.

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Business Club

Tendencias 21 is an independent e-magazine whose primary concern is to offer meaningful content matter that makes it possible for their readers to take up strategic positions in areas of knowledge that help them develop personally and professionally. T21 supports Mirlo in its efforts to boost its growth and to contribute to creating more positive footprint.
The Tigaiga hotel was established in 1959 by Enrique Talg Schulz, one of the pioneers of the travel industry in Tenerife. The grandchildren of Enrique Talg have now taken over and they continue to run this really charismatic establishment that is a pioneer on the island on account of its environmental management policies and the work it does to conserve and protect nature.
Forestal Park puts people in contact with trees in a fun but respectful manner. They generate synergy between active tourism and sustainable forest management, and they take good care of trees and those who love them. We met recently, and we are both totally convinced that we want to work side by side to create a forest.
The Paradise Park hotel has been working for many years to reduce its negative footprint on the environment. It is also a company that is involved in increasing the quality and the excellence in tourism activity on the island, and one that has not hesitated to support Mirlo as a project aimed at improving sustainability.

NaturMan the International Film Festival of Nature and Man held in La Laguna, is a festival that is clearly dedicated to adding value to the relationship between man and nature.

Birding Canarias is a company that is committed to environmental management and to preserving the fragile biodiversity of the Canary
The Festival Boreal combines music, art and the environment. It opens up spaces for participation, debate, fun and games and to becoming environmentally active, and it has a multicultural vision in which all manner of voices, tendencies, ages and artistic manifestations are welcome.
The mission of the “Vida Sostenible” Foundation is to “strengthen and develop within society, responsible life styles that respect our future on the planet”. Its priority is to provide society with environmental content that can provide answers to its concerns.

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