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30 July 2014
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Are you suffering from a deficit of nature?
30 July 2014, Comments: 0

How far away are you from a tree that has a special significance for you? Just think how far it is to that place […]

21 May 2014
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Tears to quench a thirst
21 May 2014, Comments: 0

The natural world that is all around us never ceases to surprise. Mother Nature weaves all manner of ties and bonds, many of them […]

31 October 2013
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Coaching in work teams in companies such as Mirlo
31 October 2013, Comments: 0

In the meeting we had a couple of weeks ago to redefine how Mirlo should move forward, we had a team coaching session, which […]

25 October 2013
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Mirlo changes direction
25 October 2013, Comments: 0

As we have been telling you through the social networks, the entire Mirlo team held a meeting in Madrid last week. As a matter […]

15 August 2013
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The Arctic will look different in the future
15 August 2013, Comments: 0

Global warming and global climate change in general are causing shifts in the composition, density and distribution of Arctic vegetation. According to an article […]