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16 September 2013
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Mirlo and Pinolere: an enthralling journey to the Canary Islands of days gone by
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As you already know, one of the most important elements of the philosophy behind Mirlo Positive Nature is our desire to generate positive footprints […]

13 September 2013
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Mirlo footprints: the Tenerife Time Bank
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We’re opening up a new space within our blog for proposals that although they may not be directly related to Mirlo Positive Nature as […]

6 September 2013
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We’re looking for 10,000 mirlos: but what’s all this about 29 hectares?
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Is it a bird…? Yes! It’s Mirlo! As you know, we’re in the middle of our new campaign to find 10,000 mirlos and right […]

5 September 2013
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This week we’re all celebrating here in Mirlo because at last we’re launching a new campaign that we hope is going to bring lots […]

3 September 2013
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Mirlo Positive Nature Joins Forces with the Tenerife Tourist Board to Balance the Impact of Tourism
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Visitors to the island will be able to generate a positive ecological footprint by helping to plant trees in the Corona Forestal 03–09–2013. Mirlo […]