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12 December 2013
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#CoronaForestal2013 – And so… the journey begins!
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The day has come at last! With all your collaboration and all your support, we’ve managed to raise enough money to plant almost 500 […]

28 November 2013
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Mirlo plants its first 30 trees with the Tigaiga Hotel
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Last week, on the 24th of November, we planted this campaign’s first batch of trees. And we did so with the help of the […]

21 November 2013
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Mirlo takes part in the Pambaso Environmental Resource Centre’s theme of the month, “Sustainability and the Environment”.
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Last October, the University Centre for International Development Cooperation of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (CUCID) invited Mirlo Positive Nature to […]

13 November 2013
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We’re ready for planting!
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Mirlo’s 2013 campaign has now come to an end and we’re now going to use the donations we have received since the start of […]

25 October 2013
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Mirlo changes direction
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As we have been telling you through the social networks, the entire Mirlo team held a meeting in Madrid last week. As a matter […]