Our name

Our inspiration is the mirlo capiblanco,
the Ring Ouzel.

We take our name from the mirlo which is a bird which migrates every year from the North of Europe to the Canary Islands. Once it reaches here, it helps to disseminate the seeds of the Canary Island cedar tree, an endemic threatened species. Have you seen the video where we tell you all about it?

The Positive Nature concept has two-fold significance: on the one hand, it refers to the positive footprint that we want to leave on nature; on the other hand, it refers to the positive nature of our team members and all our collaborators, and that means you too! Because we all are naturally positive.

Would you like to hear the story of how the mirlo came to give its name to our company?

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The mirlo capiblanco which gives us our name is a variety of mirlo which is native to the north of Europe. Every year, during the wintertime it sets off to seek warmer climes and during this migration some pairs find their way to the Canaries in search of sun, food and shelter.

The second protagonist in our story is the Canary Island cedar, a species which is unique to the Canaries and which is under severe threat. It is thought that before the islands were colonised, back in the 15th century, there was an abundance of these trees in many parts of the islands. Nowadays, due to its highly-valued wood and the intensive deforestation that the islands suffered up to the 1950s only a few hundred of these trees survive. One of the problems as far as its preservation is concerned, is the fact that the remaining trees are scarcely able to reproduce.

Here comes the magic! Recently Beatriz Ruméu, a Doctor in Biology at the University of La Laguna, established that today the mirlo capiblanco, whose presence was until not long ago thought to be somewhat sporadic, is in fact the most important factor in the reproduction and diffusion of the Canary Island cedar in the Cañadas del Teide. The mirlos which come from Europe feed on their fruit, which can only germinate once the mirlo has digested it. This produces a beautiful and symbiotic relationship, one that is positive for everyone and is an ideal reflection of what we hope to achieve. Mother Nature needs us, and we need her: let’s take the initiative to that we can start to see positive results. Let’s be Mirlos!

Video Credits:
Story: Lucía Rodríguez Corral
Script: Danielrh
Music and Fx: Gustavo Muñoz Redondo (www.retrologico.com)
Illustration and animation: Sergio Alfonso González (www.animatomic.com)
Collaborators: Jesús de la Plaza, Yeray Martínez, Jamie Lawrence, Káhina Santana
Inspired on the research by Beatriz Rumeu