40 happy days to transform your 2014 ecological footprint

19 September 2014
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19 September 2014, Comments: 0

We just love this last part of the year! We’re up to our eyes in work, trying to reach as many people as we can so we can tell them all about the 2014 Corona Forestal positive nature project, but really we get so much satisfaction out of it it’s as if we were at a party, a positive footprint party!

As we’ve been mentioning these past few days, this week sees the start of the last campaign of the year so that with everybody’s help we can leave a positive ecological footprint on the world in 2014. Our objective is to plant some 500 laurel trees so that the native forest can recover at least 4000 m2 of its territory.

Mirlo is beginning to be seen as proof that it is possible to live and to leave a positive footprint on the planet. More and more often we are finding people and organisms who want to have a go, they want to take control of their lives and turn the tables on the pretty desperate environmental statistics that suggest we are just drifting. They want to be part of the change and they want to offer others the possibility of making this happen together. This is something we are passionate about, because you can make big gestures or small gestures, but what matters is that it should be a joyful experience, because joy is a really powerful force that lets us achieve the unachievable, and makes it last in time.

Would you like to join the Mirlo Positive Nature movement? You can go into our web and choose the amount of footprint you want to transform. We will send you a certificate with the tons of Co2 that you are offsetting, a map of the zone in which we will be planting your trees and, when the time comes to plant them, you can come with us to experience the birth of a forest. You can also help us to make a lot of noise so we can reach more people, follow us on the social networks and share our publications. Make sure everybody hears that you can live and leave a positive ecological footprint!

Change your world. Become a mirlo.

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