Places are limited!
We are still finalising the programme for the day, but we expect it will be from 9 AM to 2 PM. We'll let you have all the details very shortly. If you'd like to come, keep the 13th of December free and fill in the following details so that we can keep a place for you.¹

This activity is aimed at mirlos who have taken part in the 2014 Corona Forestal project but if you would like to share this day with your loved ones then you are more than welcome to come with your immediate family (i.e. your partner and your children). If you are going to come with someone, then we need you to let us have their details also.

IMPORTANT: We are going to have everything ready for the 13th but bear in mind that unforeseen circumstances may arise that may make it necessary to call the tree planting off. Adverse weather conditions, for example, given that the autumn sometimes brings wind and rainstorms to the Canaries. Or some other unsolvable organisational problem may arise. We hope and trust that this will not be the case, but nature has a mind of her own so we have to be aware that this possibility does exist. We therefore reserve the right to communicate the cancellation of this planting event up to one day before it is due to take place.

¹ Places are limited, so only those who have confirmed their participation may take place.
² We require this information for accident insurance purposes.

Name & Surname(s): * National Identification No. (DNI/NIE)²: * A telephone number so we can call you: * Email: *

Bear in mind that we will be walking through open countryside and planting trees, so if you suffer from any manner of illness or disability that we should be aware of then we would be grateful to you if you would let us know accordingly: