10,000 mirlos: the campaign's over, thanks for participating!

11 October 2013
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11 October 2013, Comments: 0

Here in Mirlo Positive Nature we’ve just brought the “Wanted, 10,000 mirlos” campaign to a close. If you remember, the idea was to boost this autumn’s tree-planting project in the Corona Forestal nature park in La Orotava, in Tenerife. Although we didn’t achieve our target of finding 10,000 mirlos (let’s face it, it was a bit ambitious… ;-)), we can still say that the campaign didn’t go all that badly, as you can see from the following facts:

With the campaign now over, there are now 67 mirlos in our band. If we consider that there were only 20 of us before the campaign, that’s quite a considerable increase.

We have raised 3524 euros, enough to plant 457trees.

This will let us fix 122 tons of CO₂ which is equivalent to 174 flights between the Peninsular and the Canaries, or to the annual fuel consumption of 47 small cars. That’s a lot! Congratulations, mirlos!

Now it’s time to start planting. In the months to come, we’ll plant all the trees that our mirlos have sponsored. In the repopulation zone, Tenerife’s local “Cabildo” Government will be planting trees as well, so we have to coordinate things with them.  We have to sort out the surface area and the trees we’re going to plant, so we have to organise the money that we’ve raised so far. Whatever we raise as of today will go to the second phase of the project, which also involves repopulating the Corona Forestal, in the autumn of 2014.

Exactly when we will start planting the trees depends on how much rain falls over the next few weeks.  First of all, we’ll use a machine to dig up the area. Then, when the soil is well and truly soaked, we’ll start planting the trees and protecting them. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed!

This campaign has been really useful for a number of reasons. First of all, we’ve seen beyond any doubt that the world is full of superheroes, people whose spirit is mirlo, people who are ready and willing to participate and to leave a positive footprint on the planet. Secondly, we’ve made the Mirlo family bigger, which was our objective. We’re quite satisfied with the results and these two factors help us to see that we’re on the right road.

The third point is that we have realised that we have to rethink our strategy and our communication channels if we are to get our projects and our messages across with clarity. This project is something we believe in passionately and yet we still haven’t found the way to communicate this passion and to turn it into something that proves attractive to other people. We’ll be having an executive meeting in Madrid next week to begin rethinking this and other issues.

We’ve already begun working so that we can keep growing in 2014. Our web is open if you want to make any contributions that will help to repopulate the Corona Forestal in the autumn of 2014. We haven’t finalised the details with the local “Cabildo” Government of Tenerife yet, so we don’t know what sort of trees we’ll be planting nor the exact part of the Corona Forestal that will be assigned to us, but we’ll keep you up to date as and when we find out more. Our store is still open!

Thank you so much for all your support!

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